1.) Do I have to own my own road bike to participate in the Road Bike Boot Camp ?
     No, but it is a good idea to have your own road bike for this Boot Camp. However, RBBC does
     rent road bikes for an additional fee for use during the Boot Camp. If you decide to purchase
     your own road bike, here is a New Road Bike Checklist.

2.) Where does this Road Bike Boot Camp take place ?
      Most of the Boot Camp will take place at or around Balboa Park in Encino, CA.  However, we
      will be riding on the busway as well as someof the local streets in Encino and Tarzana.

3.) How much does this Road Bike Boot Camp cost ?
     Currently, the Boot Camp costs $250.00 per person for one full weekend ($100 deposit is
     required upfront). Each Boot Camp weekend consists of 12 hours of instruction and riding
     time. We will also consider taking an older road bike in trade for tuition.

4.) What type of time commitment is involved with Road Bike Boot Camp ?
     At RBBC, we understand that everyone has limited time on their hands. As a result, we have
     scheduled our Boot Camps to be on Saturdays and Sundays.  Each day lasts about 6 hours
     which ends up being a 12 hour weekend.  We normally start on Saturday at 12:00pm noon and
     go to 6:00pm and then we start again on Sunday at 6:00am and go until 12:00pm noon, which
     also includes lunch and a short graduation ceremony.

5.) What if I’m brand new to road cycling, will I be able to handle this
     Road Bike Boot Camp ?
     Here at RBBC, we have Boot Camps for all skill levels.  Right now we are offering several
     beginner Boot Camps, which are designed specifically for the new roadie, like yourself.

6.) Why can’t I just learn how to ride my road bike on my own, why do
      I need a silly Boot Camp ?
     At RBBC, we teach you everything that you need to know as a new roadie, there is no guess
     work.  Some of the skills you will learn during the Road Bike Boot Camp include: how to quickly
     change a flat, clipping in and out of your pedals, proper braking technique, proper shifting,
     proper cornering, obstacle avoidance, proper descending form, drafting, riding in
     your drops, coming to a immediate stop and clipping out and many, many other skills…

7.) What if I have been a roadie for several years and am above the Beginners level
      Boot Camp ?
      In 2012, RBBC will also be offering Intermediate and Advanced Boot Camps to suit all levels of

8.) How do I know what size road bike to borrow or buy for myself ?
     It all depends on your height (inseam). Refer to our Road Bike Sizing Guide.

9.) What kind of cycling tips can RBBC give me ?
     Well, here are 10 tips for you to think about before your Boot Camp!!!!
     1.) Get a proper bike fitting.
     2.) Always wear a helmet.
     3.) Always wear your Road ID.
     4.) Always carry a fully charged cell. phone.
     5.) Always inspect your tires and top off air pressure before riding.
     6.) Always check your seatbag for supplies before riding.
     7.) Never ride alone.
     8.) Always wear sunblock, even on cloudy days.
     9.) Always take water and stay hydrated.
    10.) Find a mentor.

10.) What is your policy regarding cancellations and refunds ?
     For a full list of RBBC policies, including payments, cancellations and refunds, click here...