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Ron Sarchian - Lead Instructor

Skip Nevell - RBBC Instructor

John Lichtel - Assistant Instructor




Assistant Instructor

John has been cycling for over 20 years. He has also participated in amateur races for the past 10 years. These races include Velodrome Training and Races at the Encino Velodrome, and Conquer the Canyons.

John is an avid Mountain bike rider and Road Cyclist. Road cycling is his number one source of cardio vascular exercise. He has participated in many California Centuries such as the Livestrong Challenge, Tour of Solvang, Tour of Palm Springs, Cruzin the Conejo, The Cool Breeze Century and The L.A. Wheelmen Grand Tour of 200 miles. One of his biggest accomplishments is The Death Ride (The Tour of the California Alps), climbing 5 Mountain passes in 11 hours and 19 minutes.

Road Cycling is his passion, and he rides on average 160 miles per week through the San Fernando Valley, Calabasas and the Westlake Area.

John prides himself on being a premiere Domestique (French term for the member of a bike team whose role is to support the team leader). He rides with many groups, ranging from beginners, intermediate and pro riders. The Goal is to make sure the group is together and is safe.

The Instructors at RBBC are looking forward to having a fun and safe cycling experience.