Deposit and Payment Policy
Here at RBBC, we require a $100 deposit to hold any spot in any of our Boot Camps.
The deposit is required at least 48 hours before Boot Camp dates.  Any student may pay, in advance, the full amount of $200 to hold a spot in any upcoming Boot Camps.

Cancellation/Refund Policy
Here at RBBC, we do our best to keep our students coming back for future Boot Camps.
Our cancellation policy is very straight forward in that we require at least 48 hours notice for a student to get a full refund or to put your down payment towards an upcoming Boot Camp.  We consider each case individually and of course we mill make exceptions for emergency situations and situations that involve sudden illness or death of family members. 

Make-up Boot Camps
Here at RBBC, if we end up being rained on we may or may not decide to postpone that particular Boot Camp.  A light rain or drizzle is not usually cause to cancel a Boot Camp, however, if the instructor decides that it is indeed too dangerous for students to be riding in the wet conditions then everyone involved will have the option to get a full refund or to move into a spot in an upcoming Boot Camp.  Any other situations that may be cause for a make-up Boot Camp will be considered individually.

Here at RBBC, we reserve the right to refuse service or instruction to anyone that may be a distraction or a possible danger to themselves or anyone else in the Boot Camp.  Our main concern here at RBBC is the safety of our students and if we feel that someone may be jeopardizing the safety of others purposely or otherwise, we do reserve the right to remove them from the Boot Camp, with a full refund.