Rodney SA Testimonial

"The things that were going through my mind when I got started in the activity of road biking was I felt overwhelmed, nervous, and insecure before I enrolled RBBC.

The instructor of RBCC, Ron Sarchian, is very knowledgeable, informative, and is able to share his personal experiences as a road bike cyclist. Some of the information I gathered from Ron was the importance of safety and being responsible to prevent accidents or serious injuries from vehicles, pedestrians, and other cyclist in which can be a real life saver. He also taught hands-on application to changing a flat tire and what to bring with you in case of an emergency.

I was nervous when I first did some practice drills on my bike with Ron because I was worried that I would fall down. And yet, when I rode along the bike pathway in Balboa Park, I began to feel my confidence grow by speeding up on my bike while learning how to use the different gear shifts, which made the ride much more fun and enjoyable.

It is gratifying meeting someone like Ron, who has a genuine interest with teaching and helping his students grow as being a well rounded road bike cyclist. Thank you Ron!"

- Rodney S.A.
  Los Angeles, CA


Gladys N. Testimonial

"After having learned how to ride a bike, as an adult, I faced the daunting task of being confident and comfortable enough to get out there and ride on my own. The lesson with Ron was an eye opener.

Many of the safety issues that he taught me were things that I had not even considered before. Ron is a fantastic teacher, he made the learning process so much fun. I would take this class over and over and I probably will. I will certainly be bringing a whole bunch of my female friends back to take this workshop from Ron.

It is a critical part of learning how to ride safely. Every cyclist should have to take this class before they get out there and ride Very well executed Ron, what a wonderful experience this was."

- Gladys N.
  Los Angeles, CA


Gaurav K. Testimonial

"I would recommend this class to anyone who is looking to get into road biking. Ron is a wonderful instructor and takes the time to teach beginners road biking fundamentals.

I learned so much in just two days and now feel much more comfortable riding on my own. I'm excited about my future rides. Even beyond everything that you learn, the class is a tremendous experience, a fun time and worth every penny!"

- Gaurav K.
  West Los Angeles, CA


Elaine A. Testimonial

"I would highly recommend the RBBC to anyone, whether novice (like me) or accomplished cyclist who wants a refresh. We covered a lot of ground in those two days - with a good mix of classroom, drills and road work.

Ron kept it fun and kept us on track. It's a great way to start building your knowledge and passion - on everything from safety to bike maintenance - all the while benefiting from an experienced cyclist's perspective - thanks Ron!"

- Elaine A.
  Encino, CA

Janet T. Testimonial

"The Beginner’s Boot Camp was a big learning experience for me. It was challenging and exciting especially on Sunday when we had to ride through the obstacle courses and then out on the bike trails and roads.

I would recommend this Boot Camp to anyone who is a true beginner. I didn’t think that I would ever be able to change a flat tire by myself but now I know how and it feels great.

Thanks Ron"

- Janet T.
  Studio City, CA

Tammy A. Testimonial

"Thanks Ron, for a great weekend of learning about cycling.

You've got a great practical and professional class. I'm so glad that I graduated."

- Tammy R.
  West Hollywood, CA



Ron M. Testimonial

"What an informative and educational Beginner's Boot Camp. I had NO idea that there was so much to learn about road cycling. Everything from learning how to shift and brake properly to the use of voice commands and hand signals while riding with others in a group.

It truly is a one-of-a- kind Boot Camp and it's well worth the money. Everyone should be required to take this course after they buy their first road bike.
Thanks again for making the roads safer one cyclist, that's me, at a time.

- Ron M.
  Encino, CA

April A. Testimonial


"Road Bike Boot Camp was a fantastic experience! Ron and his other instructors were informative and encouraging throughout the weekend. It's especially great
to feel that what used to be "out of my comfort zone" is now not such a big deal. I can tell that Ron does this camp for the sheer joy of biking and making new friends.

It's a great deal for the price, especially considering the
generous "goody bag" that comes with the class! I would definitely recommend this class for anyone...it's a blast.

- April A.
  Topanga, CA

Jonathan I. Testimonial

"Great Boot Camp!!!

I have been riding for a number of years and have even done a multiday ride. I found your boot camp informative, and learned a lot of new skills that I have been trying to apply when I now ride.."

- Jonathan I.
  Sherman Oaks, CA



Kathy F. Testimonial

"What I learned at Road Bike Boot Camp will probably save my life and honestly someone else’s someday and I found that relationship and excitement I had lost with my bike. In Ron’s Road Bike Boot Camp we went back to basics at an intermediate level.

The rides at Road Bike Boot Camp were challenging but with Ron’s constant guidance and encouragement we all stayed together and accomplished our goals. Ron is one of the most organized, focused, knowledgeable and encouraging people I know."

- Kathy F.
  West Hills, CA

Sue R. Testimonial

"I bought my first road bike a couple of months ago and attended Ron's Boot Camp to learn the basics of road riding, bike maintenance and how to ride in a group.
The weekend certainly exceeded my expectations.

Ron's method of teaching suited my way of learning - very practical with lots of hands on experience. Who would ever have thought that changing a tire on the side of the road could be so much fun!!

I wholeheartedly recommend this course both from an educational and enjoyment viewpoint. You won't be disappointed. Thanks, Ron. Look forward to the next one."

- Sue R.
  Malibu, CA

Sherrie F. Testimonial

"The intermediate Road Bike Boot Camp provides the bicyclist who is no longer a beginner with a refresher and lots of practice on good safety habits, verbal and hand communication skills on the bike, riding in groups and changing flats. Lots of flats. In addition, participants ride both days, so there are plenty of opportunities to practice and improve climbing, descending and other technical skills.

I was searching for a camp or program like this to help me get out there to strengthen my skills and to get acclimated to riding in the area. I was really glad when I discovered RBBC. RRBC is a great program. I recommend it to anyone looking to become more confident, safe and technically proficient on the bike."

- Sherrie F.
  Reseda, CA


Susann Testimonial



"Never in a million years did I ever think I would take an Intermediate boot camp or for that matter a Beginner's boot camp.

After this weekend taking the Intermediate RBBC, I have gained strength, not only physically but mentally.

Ron, I cannot thank you enough for your patience. I even know the difference between the valves and can use a pump. The Intermediate RBBC , is empowering and I recommend it for cyclists looking for great instruction and camaraderie.""

- Susann
  Northridge, CA

Linda L.. Testimonial

"The only time I rode my bike was when I was following my husband on his. I knew nothing about riding and was always feeling a bit fearful and incompetent, so I wanted to understand what I was doing.

After a weekend at RBBC, I was able to change a tire, do figure eights and even clip in and out on both feet. I lost much of my fear and gained a love of biking.

I recommend this class to anyone interested in riding a bike. Thanks Ron!"

- Linda L.
  Thousand Oaks, CA

Steve G. Testimonial






"I recently bought a bike and I wanted to ride it around town. I wanted a good all around course that would prepare me for anything that might happen while riding.

The RBBC for beginners was just the ticket. I learned how to care for my bike, and fix it if it broke or got a flat tire. I learned the secrets of safe riding alone or with a group.

Ron has structured a fine course for beginners - he is totally hands on with his students, addressing concerns and answering questions as the course moves on.

Students learn the operative rules of the road, and bike handling skills are taught. Products are reviewed that help prevent injury or discomfort, like safety lights and creams and energy foods and nutritional supplements.

I highly recommend the RBBC - trying to learn everything on your own is a recipe for injury and frustration. Sign up today - you will be very glad that you did!"

- Steve G.
  Woodland Hills, CA

Kevin Testimonial

"Boot camp was great; I really learned about the care and feeding of my road bike!!!"

- Fran T.
  Sherman Oaks, CA





Susann Testimonial



"I haven't been riding in over 3 years, so it's a little intimidating to get back on my bike after all this time but after hearing about RBBC, I jumped at the chance to get back into something I loved to do.

Ron was great; he started with the basics from the rules of the road, changing a tire to shifting gears, a great refresher course and the confidence boost I needed to feel comfortable on the road again.

Thank you Ron & John, I look forward to the next RBBC and to getting to the top of Reseda with you guys one day!"

- JoAnn
  Sherman Oaks, CA

Monica Testimonial


"I highly recommend RBBC if you're thinking about riding outdoors. It's informative and very practical, especially for a beginner.

It helped make me a better, more confident rider in one weekend.

Ron is a great instructor. Definitely check this out !!!!"

- Monica T.
  Tarzana, CA


Carrie Testimonial

"A couple of years ago I started talking about wanting to get out on the road, but I didn’t have a bike or the skills.

The Instructors were patient and knowledgeable and helped me push through my fears. The Boot Camp was comprehensive and covered lots of details you need to know out on the road. The first day was a little rough as I was still getting used to riding. With the encouragement of Ron and John, I faced day two with added confidence and skills.

This is a great weekend for beginners and all level Roadies. Lots of fun! I think I’ve been bitten, can’t wait to work up to my first Century Ride."

- Carrie
  Encino, CA

Kevin Testimonial

"This was a great refresher course for me. I haven't been on my bike in years, and I really enjoyed it. It's well worth the cost, and it really made me realize how much I've missed being on my bike.

Commit to Ron's Road Bike Boot Camp and get back on your bike. It's worth it!"

- Kevin
  Santa Clarita, CA