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Lead Instructor

Ron Sarchian is the founder and lead instructor of Southern California’s Premier Road Bike Boot Camp.  Ron has been a certified personal trainer and spinning instructor for over 15 years and has an extensive background as an amateur athlete and as a professional stuntman.

Ron is also a 5 time Guinness Book World Record Holder and is also a veteran endurance cyclist.  Rides that Ron has completed include, the 300 mile LA Wheelmen’s Grand Tour course in under 24 hours, the Furnace Creek 508 as a relay team member in 33 hours and 22 minutes, along with winning California Triple Crown Honors by finishing 4 Double Century rides (200 milers) in 2008.  Ron has also competed in and finished nearly 50 Southern California century rides (5000 miles), over the past 8 years. Ron is also known for producing numerous 3 and 4 hour spinning events benefitting charities such as the Challenged Athletes Foundation, The Mike Utley Foundation, The Lance Armstrong Foundation and numerous other deserving organizations.  

As the lead instructor and visionary of Road Bike Boot Camp, Ron is hoping to help people diminish and possibly eliminate their fears about road cycling on Southern California’s busy surface streets.  Southern California has some of the most amazing cycling weather and scenery, on the planet, and he feels that we need to get more people off their butts and on a bike.  Just imagine if only 10 percent of the U.S. population took up cycling, it would change everything.  We would not only diminish our dependency on oil and gas but we would also begin reducing the obesity rate in this country, just by riding a bike.  This sport is contagious and infectious and the more people we can get outdoors riding their bikes, the more we can actually change our lives and the world, but it all starts with you. One person at a time, one bike at a time. It’s a very powerful sport.    

Ron also shares his stories about not only surviving a devastating bike crash and shoulder surgery, back in January of 2009, but also about being attacked by a motorist on Ventura Blvd. in Woodland Hills, early one Sunday morning in 2009.  His account of both incidents are very real and eye opening, but Ron wants his students to understand and learn from his own experiences and mistakes, which might possibly save them some pain and grief, in and out of the saddle.

RBBC has a group of experienced, well established road biking coaches that know exactly how and what to say to our new roadies.  All of our instructors at RBBC are upbeat, high energy and fun, but they also understand that safety is always a #1 priority.  Positive reinforcement and a very ‘hands on” approach is the key to helping our students realize their full potential on the bike.  We hope and look forward to having many of our graduates return to Road Bike Boot Camp to become  instructors.  By teaching from their own personal experiences at RBBC, they will help to inspire and motivate our newer students.